Bia was founded with the idea that strength and vitality is what our society should strive for. So much of the media that we're exposed to on a daily basis does not support this. Being a female is tough in today's world due to the way the media portrays women... skinny. Now, skinny isn't necessarily a bad thing, but skinny doesn't mean fit or healthy. Bia can help you accomplish that. 

In the west, and especially in America, our environment creates an unhealthy outlook on fitness and exercise for women. We are bombarded with countless articles about how to trim fat from this place or that, how to slim down in time for summer, or how to make ourselves more attractive in five easy steps.

This does not make us any healthier or happier.

Bia was designed to empower and support women who want to be healthy; to be their strongest selves. Whether you are an athlete who trains for competition or someone who wants to be fit for your daily life, it was designed to help you reach your goals.

Unfortunately, there are very few products available with this kind of message. Most products designed for women's health are made for the purpose of “cutting fat," which is a destructive process. Bia is designed to help you become stronger and healthier. Many women believe that muscle will make you appear bulky. It does not. In fact, building muscle is the best way to cut fat and maintain a healthy weight (which will be different for everyone) in a sustainable manner. 

When I was in college, the idea of “effortless perfection” created an incredibly toxic environment for so many women. Effortless perfection is the idea that women must perform highly, look good at all times, and always maintain an upbeat mood. Finally, they must never look like they're trying too hard to do all of this. As a result, as much as 50% of the female population at some colleges will have an eating disorder at some point in their academic career. 

Of the few other female protein supplements available, all of them promote this unhealthy attitude. With taglines like "Only 90 calories per serving, it's easy to diet on," they are not supporting strength or fitness. But in ultra competitive environments, like most college campuses, this line of thinking can be very appealing.

This type of message, which is embodied by so much of our media, is one of the worst things to come out of our culture in the last 50 years.

We're at our best when we're at our strongest.  

It is time to start changing the conversation.


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